Choice of raw material

Quality care starts with the choice of raw materials with only the best ingredients. We choose our suppliers on the basis of quality and loyalty. As suppliers are the basis of Vancovienno’s quality policy and of a good traceability, we only choose loyal suppliers who care for quality.

Quality traceability

Apart from a well-considered choice of raw materials, quality products also need to be manufactured carefully. This is only possible in a clean production unit with constant care by motivated staff for food safety and quality.

External Service

A good cooperation with external services and control authorities guarantee a perfect quality traceability. We can always count on the Federal Agency for Food Safety and permanent bacteriological follow-up by an external lab for raw materials as well as end products.  

Hygiene: also after production

As producers of food we care for hygiene. Strict cleaning procedures are a must. Every year we are subjected to an external audit by Vinçotte, they check our company on the basis of the BRC-procedure. That is how we obtained a higher level of the Comeos Food certificate in 2013.


Each sold product carries an individual lot code by which we can trace the origin of your order. This codes ensures you to obtain a qualitive and safe product.