We keep a close eye on the following points:

Choice of raw materials

Quality assurance starts with choosing raw materials from the very best ingredients. Only loyal, punctual, correct and quality-conscious suppliers qualify for good cooperation with us. They form the foundations of Vancovienno's quality policy and are the start of good traceability.

Quality monitoring

In addition to a perfect choice of raw materials, quality products require careful handling. This can only be done in well-maintained production areas with continuous follow-up on the shop floor by HACCP and quality-conscious motivated personnel.

External services

Good cooperation with external service providers and inspection bodies guarantees perfect quality control. We can always count on this: Continuous guidance from our own quality service and the FAVV and permanent bacteriological monitoring by an external lab on both raw materials and end products.

Hygiene and certificates

As a producer of food, we attach great importance to good hygiene. Strict cleaning instructions are a MUST, not a luxury.

In addition, we also pay attention to sustainable and fair cultivation and trade of basic raw materials.

Every year our company is subjected to various external audits.Vancovienno has the following certificates:


Each product packaging sold has an individual tracking number. This allows us to trace the origin of your order. This applies to production and to the supplier of raw materials as well.
In this way you can be sure of a high-quality, safe product.



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