General sales conditions Vancovienno

  1. The delivery takes place at the seller, unless agreed differently in writing.
  2. The goods are transported at cost and risk of the buyer when they are picked up at the seller. Upon signing the delivery note, the buyer or the transporter declares to have received the goods in good and correct condition. After having signed the buyer is responsible for the correct treatment and storage of the goods. The seller can, under no circumstances, be held responsible for bad treatment of the goods afterwards.
  3. Our deliveries are payable cash or ultimately within 30 days after invoice date unless agreed differently in the offer or sales agreement.   The first delivery of a new client must always be paid cash.
  4. The delivered goods remain property of the seller as long as the full price has been paid.
  5. As from the due date, any unpaid invoice will incur an interest of 12.5% per annum and with a minimum of 75 €
  6. When the invoice remains unpaid after 10 days of sending a reminder by registered mail, the debt will be increased by 10% of the invoice amount. This applies as lump-sum compensation for other costs than the loss of interest and the actual court fees.
  7. All our agreements are governed by Belgian law. For all disputes arising from this contract, only the courts situated in the jurisdiction where the sellers’ exploitation is located, are competent.   For the seller the court of Gent, department Veurne is competent. 



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